Fiore Restaurant | Italian Fusion Cousine in Concod

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My first time in and I tell ya!!!! great service, great food and a very clean restaurant. I can't believe I've lived in Concord for over 6 years and never knew about this place....

Glad you guys are here, glad you guys can provide us with such beautiful dishes, loved it!!!!

Concord, CA

I love this neighborhood restaurant! The food is excellent. We were there last night and were greeted by Hafed. He is such a nice man and a wonderful and thoughtful host. I had the chicken Marsala and my wife had the risotto. Our guests had the raviolis and the salmon. All were very tasty and well prepared by Habib, the executive chef. I highly recommend this restaurant for a date night!

Ron M.
Concord, CA


Wow this place was really good.   I ordered online and didn't have high expectations but again, wow!   The interior was nicer than expected however a little dark but really nice for couples and small groups.  Whenever I try an Italian place for the first time I always get spaghetti.  I do this because I'm picky and know exactly what I want it to taste like.  Okay, this was nothing like what I always want my spaghetti to taste like but I was pleasantly pleased with it.  I'd say I now have two ways I like my spaghetti to taste and I'll be getting it again soon.

Warning: My to go container and bag that it was in was super hot which is a good thing but was a little hard to carry LOL.  In fact, I thought when I got home it would have cooled off a little but nope it was still just as hot and I loved every hot bite of it.

I can't wait to try some of their other dishes now.

Wayne L.
Walnut Creek, CA

Absolutely amazing. The waitress is polite and attentive. Ambience is upscale, great music, and not to mention the vast selection of wine.

The food is to die for. Great flavor, sauce is amazing. Upset at myself for not finding this place sooner.

Mike N.
Pleasant Hill, CA


There Lasagna is the next best thing to the Gold Mirror in San Francisco, super delicious , only thing is they put your food to go in thin foil & I can't take a bite of food without taking a bite of foil , hopefully they come up with a better way of packing our food to go

Christine L.
Berkeley, CA

Came here last night and had such a fantastic experience! I really wish I could remember our waitress's name but I want to say it was similar to the restaurant name. She was a doll, we adored her!

So pregnancy cravings lead me on a scramble to find creme brûlée at 8pm on a Saturday night, we just moved to the area not too long ago so I've been to the lucky right next to this, but never here. I actually would like to point out that this place is a gem, and had I seen advertisement I would've been here sooner, I didn't know it existed :(!

My husband randomly decides we aren't going for dessert but rather full blown meal (not complaining lol) so we order the spinach ravioli and stuffed mushrooms. Ok hands down the best spinach ravioli that has ever come into contact with my mouth. That dish alone will have us coming back regularly lol! The stuffed mushrooms were delicious as well, the sauce was very very good!

We get to dessert which the menu looks incredible, I told my husband we have to make an extra trip back just for more dessert lol! We both order the creme brûlée, and I hate to say it but I wasn't a fan :(!! The glaze on top was so rock hard I actually didn't eat it and pushed to the side instead which is usually my favorite part. Next, the inside was more like flan, it was chewy? Which to me indicated that perhaps it had sat out for a while.

We also ordered the wine Moscow mule for my husband and a raspberry Italian soda for me, both were incredible.

We will be back :)

Jennifer G.
Concord, CA


We have been here about 4 times and everything that we try is awesome. The chef is unbelievable and the staff is friendly and attentive. If you are looking for a nice place to make your go to spot for diner and wine, this is the place.

Try the stuffed mushrooms and the risotto. Both are my personal favorite.

Brett M.
Walnut Creek, CA

Staff is always so friendly and attentive! I've been here a few different times and I'm never disappointed.

They have a great selection of wine and the food is top notch. From the taste of the food I know it's super fresh. I ordered a tiger shrimp dish with a cream sauce. This sauce is EVERYTHING! I feel like at this restaurant you could order anything and the sauce alone with the fresh ingredients will keep you coming back.

I'm so happy I found this place and will come here as much as I can!

Audriana A.
Antioch, CA


I wish I could order a big bowl of the olive pesto dip and bread for my meal.  Delish! I don't know what to call this - Italian but Mediterranean. Everything was loaded with flavored.

I ordered the salmon which may have been the best salmon I have ever had. The pasta dishes looked and smelled amazing also. Great cozy atmosphere, and great service.  

This unassuming little restaurant is such a little hidden gem of Concord.

Tiffany L.
Concord, CA

This place is excellent for date night. The wait staff was amazing, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was romantic.

We started with the pesto dip, it was unbelievable. Sweet and savory, a must have. The bread served was warm, flavourful and soft with a crunchy crust.

The bruschetta was not your typical dish, it was exotic and melted in your mouth, with truffles, artichoke hearts and hints of blue and mozzarella cheese.

I ordered the pescatore, not a hint of fish, just deliciousness over rice. Full of muscles, clams and shrimp with a hunk of salmon.

My husband ordered the lamb shank, which was extremely rich and tender.

We finished with an espresso, the creme brulee and the tiramisu. It was the best tiramisu I have had in a long time.

I highly recommend this place for an unforgettable night. :)

Robin K.
Walnut Creek, CA


Fiore is a diamond in the rough in a little city that can't seem to get any decent restaurants other than a few good sushi places or Dickey's BBQ.

I've lived in Concord my whole life and there has never been a restaurant with more class, variety, and overall worth than Fiore.

It is an Italian restaurant but the chef adds his own spin to it and I've been back numerous times to try nearly every dish, and the results have been consistent each time.

They used to have petrale sole which was buttery but not too buttery--just the perfect amount of salty. I usually get the fresh fish of the day if the sole is not available and sometimes I order the salmon. The portions are satisfying but not overbearing. The grilled vegetables were squash, zucchini, mushrooms, etc and very good, not oversalted or overcooked.

The soups here are usually some sort of finely blended vegetable, from potato leek to butternut squash, to broccoli, and they have been amazing every time, I like the variety they offer. The bread they serve is something like potato bread or a similar texture and comes served warm with butter.

They have an assortment of wines and the server will help you pick out something to your likeness. Great service! Great food! One of the best Italian places in Concord! Would definitely come here over pasta primavera!

Mikey M.
Los Angeles, CA

Had a great birthday celebration at Fiore yesterday! My family and I love coming here. Their food is absolutely delicious and I love their plating! They put a lot of thought into their food presentation. Here's what I've tried there :

Sauvignon Blanc- One of my favorites! Has a tropical type after taste.

Pasta with crab and shrimp- I had this last time we came. It was okay. I like a good, creamy alfredo sauce and this didn't meet the mark.

Swordfish- This is my favorite dish here. They grill the fish perfectly and I love the white wine caper sauce. The grilled veggies and potatoes are a nice accompaniment.

Caprese- Delicious! It was a little overdressed but everything else about it was good. They include a little salad in the middle along with the tomato and mozzarella.

Watermelon salad- So refreshing!

Pesto dip- If you check-in on Yelp, you get this dip for free! Don't miss out on that one.

The creme brulee here is outstanding. Perfect sugar crust and custard. Also tried the blueberry cheesecake. That was good too! We will definitely be back!

Kim P.
Walnut Creek, CA